Intuitive Administrative Tools

Our platform is easier to use and maintain than other mainstream platforms and is effective for building large scale ecommerce sites, publishing content and implementing custom tailored high-end designs. The platform was built from the ground up with search engine visibility at its core.

We believe that not offering open plugin architecture and open template system is our strength and we avoid the challenges (security, performance and maintenance) that plague other mainstream open architecture systems.

Common Issues That Plague Popular Mainstream CMS Platforms

Security Hackers can compromise or gain access to sites via popular plugins like “Revolution Slider”, and not only hack your site but all the sites on a server.

Performance By the time you add your template system on top of the underlaying CMS code, and then add in all of your plugins and customizations, the overall source code is beastly and site performance goes down hill fast. The only thing that hates a slow site more than your customers is Google. Speed is a ranking factor.

Maintenance When your site depends on a separate CMS, design template overlays, multiple plugins and custom code --not to mention the underlaying OS data and app servers-- updating and compatibility issues prove to be a nightmare.

The Mountain Media platform avoids the above issues and has a history of delivering secure, high-performance sites that have exceptional search engine visibility.

Search Engine Visibility

Mountain Media obsesses over SEO features Of course we have features that allow you to optimize your content, but we take it much further than that. We comply with Google’s guidelines for canonicalization, URL structures, navigation structure, page-through elements, Google sitemap, Google product feed and more. We even include structured data tagging to help extend your branding to Google's search results pages.