SEO Case Study

Web Payment Software
INDUSTRY: Payment Processing
BUSINESS TYPE: Online Payment Solution
  • The Challenge:

    Increase the search engine rankings of an online payment company to compete against industry leaders.
  • The Solution:

    A complete website redesign combined with "white hat" search engine optimization techniques.
  • The Benefit:

    Increased search engine rankings, website traffic, leads and new customers.

Date of study: March 23, 2011 (after Google's Farmer update)

Web Payment Software screenshot Web Payment Software screenshot Web Payment Software screenshot


  •   71% increase in the # of keywords ranking in the top 20 search results
  • 149% increase in monthly search traffic to website
  • 900% increase in completion of lead generation form
  • 200% increase in new customers


The online payment industry is an extremely competitive space to achieve high search engine rankings. At the top of the heap you have very powerful domains like and PayPal. The number of competing pages for important phrases are measured in the hundreds of millions. Most search agencies would consider 10,000,000 competing pages as a very competitive phrase. As with any industry, page 2 rankings just aren't good enough for generating meaningful traffic.


Mountain Media applied "white hat" search engine optimization techniques consistently over a 6-month period and achieved amazing results. The project included a complete website redesign that focused on projecting clear, distilled marketing messages, creating pathways to channel visitors to the information they need and implementing conversion techniques to produce a pipeline of leads. Content was developed to compel visitors to take action and long pages of "SEO" driven text were eliminated and avoided. The end result is a web property that does more than attract traffic, it converts visitors in to leads.

Keywords Google Ranking Competing Pages
web payment 1 501,000,000
web payment programs 1 360,000,000
web payment program 2 330,000,000
web payment software 1, 2 & 3 45,000,000
payment software 3 390,000,000
online payment software 1 11,600,000
online payment solutions 5 5,690,000
web payment solutions 2 46,000,000
gateway credit card services 2 15,100,000

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