eCommerce Case Study

Georgia Mills
INDUSTRY: Textile Sales (Area Rugs)
BUSINESS TYPE: eCommerce Merchant
  • The Challenge:

    An ineffective eCommerce website, lack of a key eCommerce feature-set, poor search engine visibility & unstable website hosting.
  • The Solution:

    Professional graphic design, search engine marketing, merchant account services, full-featured eCommerce solution & secure hosting.
  • The Benefit:

    Increased website traffic, increased sales, reduced overhead & comprehensive services all through a single provider.
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“There are so many features of Mountain Commerce that benefit our business which can be found all under one roof. All of our graphic design, marketing, ecommerce and hosting is conveniently located. At Mountain Media there is a real synergy of talents among the staff and they really make things happen.”

Chief Operating Officer
Georgia Mills


Georgia Mills has been a long-standing client of Mountain Media. They first approached us for help with their search engine rankings, however, we quickly identified a whole host of issues that needed to be addressed in order to improve their online business including poor search engine visibility, unprofessional graphic design, a sub-standard eCommerce feature set and hosting issues.

The tipping point came when their site was down for over a week and were not happy with the service they were receiving. Evidently, the recent upgrade to the next level of their current Miva Merchant shopping cart didn't go as smoothly as they would have liked. The hosting company they were using was not familiar with how to run the update and Miva was not in the hosting business. Because each company was only handling a portion of Georgia Mills' needs, neither vendor took the responsibility to address the issues and instead chose to point fingers. This, of course was very frustrating and costly for Georgia Mills.


Georgia Mills decided to place their trust in Mountain Media. Our comprehensive approach allowed us to bring together all of the elements necessary for successful eCommerce:

  • Professional graphic design services
  • A robust eCommerce platform
  • Search engine marketing services
  • eCommerce hosting in our PCI Compliant, Level 1 CISP Certified data center
  • Merchant & Gateway services

The net result was that Georgia Mills grew 50 fold in 4 years and now has one single point-of contact to address their website needs. Georgia Mills currently has 5 websites built on the Mountain Commerce platform.

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