SEO On-Site Optimization

On-site optimization for business and organization websites is an often overlooked and misunderstood step in the SEO process. Although link building is commonly seen as the most important aspect of marketing your website, on-site optimization can play an equally vital role. This part of SEO is a more complicated process than many believe. Simply tossing a couple of keywords into a title tag, using H1 tags, and disregarding pronouns for the sake of "keyword density" doesn't cut it any more (and hasn't in quite some time now).

There are many on-site optimization factors that impact search engine rankings. These include:


  1. Site architecture
  2. Link text, on-page location, and relevance
  3. Topical relevance
  4. Various technical factors
  5. Image optimization


This list is far from being all inclusive. 

We approach your website's on-site SEO strategically. It begins with keyword research, in which we determine the most relevant high volume-low competition phrases to target. We then map these phrases to their most appropriate pages on your website. These pages are optimized from image to headlines, without being spammy. If you are targeting local consumers we give your website a heavy focus on geographic terms, such as "Albany, NY." 

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