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July 2009

Search Marketing is Going to be Healthy for a Long Time

Recession or not, the outlook for search marketing spending -- both SEO and paid search advertising -- is solid. Spending on SEO will increase more than 110% by 2013 to $3.85 billion, according to eMarketer. Paid search advertising spending will increase 65% to $14.72 billion.

June 2009

Email Marketing Continues to Bode Well for Online Retailers

Most retailers are counting on the Web for growth in 2009, with sales expected to rise 11% to $156.1 billion, up from $141.3 billion in 2008, according to State of Retailing Online 2009: Marketing Report. This is the latest edition of the annual report from research and advisory firm Forrester Research Inc. and Shop.org.

April 2009

Mountain Media at Search Engine Strategies

Although getting a lot of search engine traffic may seem like the ?holy grail? to many in ecommerce, there are other potentially valuable sources of traffic that small companies are beginning to recognize.

March 2009

What's Your Web Site's Value Proposition?

Arguably one of the most difficult things to create and define for your website, VP is also one of the most critical sales-enhancing components that you can optimize. Most websites fail to even include their value proposition in the site design and messaging, while others display it poorly and/or haven?t articulated it properly.

February 2009

Online retail could reach $156B in 2009 (AP)

According to projections from Forrester Research, U.S. online retail sales are expected to rise 11 percent to $156 billion this year, excluding revenue from travel. However, that will mark a slowdown in the overall growth rate, which was 13 percent in 2008, when online retail sales totaled $141 billion, Forrester says.

January 2009

Merchant PCI Program Launch

If you’re not already aware, the payment card industry (PCI) mandates PCI compliance for everyone that captures, processes or stores credit cards. A recent article by Practical eCommerce indicates that level 4 merchants (those processing less than 20,000 credit card transactions a year), are now the focus of the industry’s push to enforce compliance.

December 2008

eCommerce Mistakes That Can Kill Your Sales

To effectively sell online, your eCommerce website should persuasively present your products, be appealing, simple to use and should easily guide visitors through the sales process. If it isn't doing all of these things, a few simple mistakes could be costing you major sales.

November 2008

The Importance of Online Merchandising

In today's world of the empowered consumer, retailers must meet unprecedented expectations regarding online merchandising. Building a profitable eCommerce site takes more than just design and technology. For an e-commerce site to succeed, it has to merchandise its products effectively.

October 2008

eCommerce Catalog Development 101

The success of your eCommerce website depends heavily on the quality of your product catalog. While this is one of the most important considerations when building an eCommerce website, it is, unfortunately, often the area that remains most neglected.

September 2008

Getting Your Online Store Ready For The Holiday Season

As an online merchant, you understand that preparation for the holiday shopping season starts now! Mountain Media has come up with a few helpful tips for sprucing up your site to help attract and convert those online holiday shoppers.

August 2008

What Is PCI Compliance And Why Is It Important To Select A Certified Provider?

The PCI Standards (www.pcisecuritystandards.org) are a result of collaboration between the five major credit card companies to develop a single approach to safeguarding sensitive data, preventing credit card fraud, hacking, and various other security issues.