Protect Your In-Box with SpamGuard

Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Email Protection

Well, not any more. In the beginning, email was intended to be an incredibly fast and efficient means of online communication. But ever since the army of "spammers" on the Web figured out how to CLOG our mailboxes with their junk messages, the very concept of email has become practically synonymous with "headache."

Many people now have to wade through hundreds of pieces of spam every day just to get to the few legitimate messages in their IN BOX. Think of all the wasted hours and lost productivity! And this problem is only made worse by the epidemic of destructive computer viruses circulating on the Internet.

The good news is that now you can do something about it.

To help our hosting customers get the most out of their accounts, we have implemented a new, advanced manager of email activity called SpamGuard. In a nutshell, this service intelligently and dynamically blocks practically all incoming connections from known spammers and virus sources. In other words, it does the work of filtering your email messages, so YOU don't have to.

The software also quarantines messages in which it detects possible virus attachments, notifies the sender that his or her computer may be infected, and then blocks all connections from the virus sender for a 24-hour period.

The benefits of the SpamGuard service are obvious:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Dramatic reduction in the risk of getting email-borne viruses
  • Avoidance of computer down time

Oh, and WAY fewer headaches.

The price for this optional service is $25 (one-time setup fee per hosted domain) plus an additional monthly charge of $2 per email account.

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