Mountain Media’s website guarantee applies to standard Mountain Commerce and Mountain Publisher design packages and is not valid for custom projects, custom development, partial packages or other services that the company offers. This guarantee does not apply to project cancellations for any other reason other than dissatisfaction of Mountain Media's services. Cancellations due to other circumstances (going out of business, financial woes, unforeseen circumstances, the client's inability to fulfill the contract, etc.) are subject to the cancellation terms as defined in the Service Agreement.

In order to claim a refund on the basis of this guarantee, the client must provide written notice of their request to cancel the project prior to 60 days after the signing of Mountain Media’s standard Service Agreement. Notification of cancellation that occurs after 60 days is subject to the cancellation terms as defined in the Service agreement and is not subject to a full refund.

Upon activation of the money-back guarantee, Mountain Media shall retain all rights to work performed or delivered up to the time of cancellation including owning all rights to any graphic art files and text-based files ("native files") developed by Mountain Media for the Client's use during this project to generate HTML pages, Web-optimized text or graphics, PDFs, and Web-ready files of a similar nature. Native files include MS Word docs, as well as BBEdit, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks files and other files in a similar, customary format intended for the development of Web sites.