Highly Visible Web Applications

Today’s business Web sites demand compelling graphics, clever marketing concepts, and high-functioning applications. What sets Mountain Media apart from the competition is our ability to create highly visible, search engine friendly Web applications, without sacrificing quality graphics, marketing message and functionality.

Content management and ecommerce systems are inherently at odds with search engines. Web application developers are typically ignorant to the art of search engine optimization and leave that task to the SEO specialists. SEO specialists then have to implement “work-a-rounds” in efforts to achieve top search engine visibility.

Mountain Media’s core expertise is creating highly visible (in search engines), high-functioning, attractive Web sites. Such visibility can affect a business’s bottom line geometrically. Search engine visibility in most cases will make or break a Web-based business endeavor and should not be over looked.

Another common thread between all good Web sites is well thought out information architecture and inter-linked, quality content. This does not happen by chance—it requires detailed planning. Mountain Media emphasizes planning. We also have the expertise to organize, write and perform quality control services to ensure the site’s content is coherent.

Whether the client is a small business or a large organization, Mountain Media offers a variety of innovative Web products and cohesive development and marketing strategies that are designed to address the unique needs of the enterprise. We are committed to delivering a level of personal, responsive customer service that is second to none.