New York Based LOSAP Experts Utilize Mountain Publisher Software

Mountain Media Launches New Website for Penflex, Inc.

New York Based LOSAP Experts Utilize Mountain Publisher Software

Latham, NY — October 12, 2010 —Mountain Media, a leading developer of e-commerce and content management software, has launched a new website for Penflex, Inc., a Latham, NY based company specializing in Length of Service Award Programs (LOSAP).

The new website was built and designed by Mountain Media using their proprietary Mountain Publisher software. “When we made the decision to build a new website I knew immediately that Mountain Publisher was the only choice that made sense,” says Dan Knight, Marketing Director at Penflex. “It’s easy and intuitive to use meaning I can quickly train others in the company how to take advantage of the software and Publisher has a reputation as being the most search-engine-friendly content management system on the market.”


 Mountain Media specializes in assisting clients who have outgrown their websites and need something powerful that stills fits into a company’s budget. “The reason Mountain Publisher and Mountain Commerce makes sense for so many companies’ in these economic conditions is simple,” says James Curley, CEO of Mountain Media. “We have affordable, enterprise-level software with a long history of results. In this economic climate people don’t want to take a risk on software that doesn’t work them. Moving your website is expensive and time consuming. We’ve been doing this for more than a decade and companies know we’re the last stop. Our software works out of the box, we have a dedicated support team, in-house design experts and because our software is enterprise-level they won’t outgrow it.”


Like so many corporations with a national reach, Penflex is turning to the web to generate sales leads, grow their reputation and cost-effectively build their brand. “We had a website and we outgrew it,” says Ed Holohan, President of Penflex. “In economic conditions like the ones corporations are battling today it makes sense to take advantage of the Web to grow your business. People are cutting back on trade shows, advertising, public relations expenses and more. Marketing has become a delicate balance between budgeting and results. That’s why Mountain Publisher made so much sense. They have a reputation as search-engine-friendly and their software is powerful enough that we won’t outgrow it. Penflex now has a powerful web presence with a professional, clean design. The process was painless and the expense more than reasonable.”


Penflex also has plans for distributing newsletters, legislative action alerts and special announcements via Mountain Publishers built-in email tools.


“A lot of web developers have simple but ineffective email tools, almost like an afterthought, built in. Because of this many corporations have to turn to third-party vendors for email blasts and newsletter distribution,” adds Knight. “With Mountain Publisher we have the capability to grow that aspect of our corporate communication strategy right out of the box. The reason Mountain Publisher is truly enterprise-level is because they have clearly put a lot of thought into what companies need, how the software will be utilized and what the future of the Web might hold. It’s a flexible system and I can’t imagine ever needing a new system or a third-party developer ever again.”


In addition, because Mountain Media has its own in-house team of design experts, there is never a need to look elsewhere to revamp a sites design. “We understand the power of the message behind the business and we design sites to reflect that, complete with custom homepage ads and calls to action,” says Curley. “If a company wants to refresh their design we can do it here and wrap the design around their existing Publisher site. We can custom design new and exciting homepage ads, navigation treatments and more. That’s why we say you can’t outgrow Publisher. It’s flexible, updated regularly, rich with features that we add to every year and can easily receive a marketing update quickly and without needing any outside help. That’s making the most of your marketing dollars.”


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