Mountain Media Signs Veteran Perpetual-Care Organization to Complete eCommerce Contract

May 24, 2006

New Wesley Community Website to Re-establish Wesley's Dedication to Internet-Savvy Community

Saratoga Springs, NY - Mountain Media, a leader in the eCommerce solutions industry, is pleased to announce its partnership with Saratoga Springs-based The Wesley Community, the region's largest community dedicated to the needs to the aging and chronically ill. The Wesley Community, a not-for-profit agency sponsored by United Methodist Health and Housing, Inc., has over 30 years experience in developing specialized facilities and programs to meet its clients' highly-specific needs.

The Wesley Community's new website, powered by Mountain Media's Mountain Commerce 6, will encourage far greater Web-based ventures, and will reach out farther to today's computer-literate individuals who can most benefit from The Wesley Community's offerings.

Total Solution for a Large, Segmented Organization

Mountain Commerce 6's unparalleled scalability and versatility will provide The Wesley Community with a single complete backbone for all of its seven divisions. Each division will utilize Mountain Commerce 6's industry-leading content management and site management tools, allowing for seemingly-individual sites tied into a single graphic design and a unified software package.

As a long-established not-for-profit, The Wesley Community requires comprehensive donation management. Mountain Commerce 6 provides the necessary infrastructure to accept an manage donations of all types and amounts, and its integrated, complete merchant account provides the security features needed to safeguard donated funds.

Information management from products and services to employment opportunities will all be managed through Mountain Commerce 6, and mailing list administration can be integrated seamlessly with other Wesley Community Web abilities.

Mountain Media will design The Wesley Community's website with ground-up scalability and flexibility, allowing The Wesley Community unlimited Internet growth potential. With Mountain Commerce 6's extensive suite of Web and organization management tools, The Wesley Community will be poised for vastly accelerated organizational development.

Custom Graphic Design and Complete Standards Compliance

The Wesley Community's website will feature a custom-designed graphical scheme, to be designed in-house by Mountain Media's skilled team of designers. The Wesley Community staff will be involved from the beginning, ensuring representation of a strong company image. The new website will be pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. As with all Mountain Media-designed websites, The Wesley Community's website will be built from scratch utilizing the most advanced graphical applications.

Mountain Media will design The Wesley Community's website to be fully standards-compliant and search engine-friendly, maximizing indexability for increased visibility.

Utilizing the power of Mountain Media, The Wesley Community looks looks forward to long-term success in its Web-based endeavors.

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