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Our Email Services

Standard Email:

  • 1 GB per user quota
  • Virus Filtering
  • Spam and Virus Blacklists
  • Web Mail powered by SquirrelMail

Our standard email accounts have an ample 1 GB quota, as well as blacklist support (anti-Spam). Blacklists are not the same as--or a substitute for--Spam filtering, but they help reduce load on the servers while rejecting mail from many known spammers.

Premium Email featuring SpamGuard:

  • 2.5 GB per user quota
  • Virus Filtering
  • Spam and Virus Blacklists
  • Web Mail powered by SquirrelMail
  • Spam Filtering with Spamguard (powered by Spamassassin)

Our SpamGuard service has been enhanced and rolled into our Premium Email service. All SpamGuard users have been enrolled in the Premium Email service which includes a generous 2.5 GB quota and user configurable anti-SPAM filtering settings. The Spam-filtering now includes use of the Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse (DCC), Vipul's Razor, intelligent Bayesian filtering and Spamassassin.

Web Mail:

All email users enjoy Mountain Media's new Web mail interface powered by SquirrelMail. Calendar, contacts, spell-check, to do lists, HTML formatted-email support--all in an attractive, highly-configurable interface.

Visit to check your web mail.

How to Configure Your Email Client

Before configuring your email client, make sure you have your email address and password ready. The first step in setting up your Mountain Media email account is to identify which email client you are using. Some common clients include Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple

In order to set up a new account, you will have to find your account preferences. In most cases, this is located under your client's Tools menu where you'll find a selection called "Accounts" or something very similar. In the case of Apple, this is found under the Mail menu under "Preferences".

Once you've found the listing of email accounts configured in your email client, you'll want to create a new account. There should be some buttons in the account settings to allow you to create a new email account. You will need the following information to set up your Mountain Media email account:

Your Email Address:
Replace this with your email address. This is also used as your account name. Please use your full email address as your account name
Your Password: ********
Incoming Mail Server (POP3):
Port number is 110.
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
Port number is 587.
Use port 587 and provide your email address and password to authenticate to the outgoing mail server
Incoming Mail Server (IMAP):
Port number is 143.

View a Walk-thru of Your Email Client

For more detailed help with your specific email client, please follow the link below that pertains to the email client that you use. Because of the vast number of email clients, we are not able to provide a walk-through for every email client that is out there. For windows and linux users, we recommend using Mozilla Thunderbird. For Mac users, we recommend either Apple's or Mozilla Thunderbird. You can download Mozilla Thunderbird for free at the Mozilla Thunderbird website.

Our Email Policies

Outgoing (SMTP) Server:

In the past, Mountain Media has instructed our clients to use the SMTP server provided by their connectivity providers. Because of the proliferation of Spam and viruses, many broadband providers, including Road Runner, are imposing strict policies on how their mail servers may be used. Also, we are finding that many of these larger providers have inadequate virus filtering. In response to these and other issues, Mountain Media has adopted some policy changes. The SMTP server that our users will now use by default is This will enable our users to have a more reliable mail transfer agent (MTA), as well as simplify some of the support issues that we face in dealing with SMTP servers run by other service providers.

Email Size:

The maximum email+attachment size allowed is 10 megabytes. Larger emails will be automatically bounced.