Mountain Media Launches "7-Days to Successful eCommerce"


- With over twelve years experience in the areas of ecommerce, search marketing, website development and website conversion, national ecommerce solution provider now shares their expertise with online merchants through free downloadable training course.-

Saratoga Springs, NY (PRWEB) – May 18, 2010 -- Mountain Media announced today the launch of their new online mini-course for ecommerce merchants called, “7-Days to Successful eCommerce”. The ecommerce solution provider says the course is designed to be a valuable ecommerce guide for merchants by giving them some basic tools and techniques to help take their online stores “to the next level” and to improve overall ecommerce profitability. The mini-course will be delivered through a succession of emails that allow merchants to download a new “lesson” each day for 7-days. Interested merchants can register for the free ecommerce mini-course at

After twelve years of providing ecommerce website development and search engine marketing expertise to the national mid-tier market, Mountain Media noticed recurring trends in the issues facing their ecommerce clientele. Upon identifying 7 distinct disciplines that they had observed online merchants struggle to successfully implement within their ecommerce environments, the company decided to compile short lessons surrounding these topics in order to provide merchants with a basic foundation that they can build upon to improve their online presence.  
Topics of the course include; the importance and process of selecting the right domain name, planning your product catalog, selecting your ecommerce platform, establishing a merchant account to accept online credit card payments, PCI compliance for level-4 merchants, website conversion techniques and search engine marketing strategies. The company hopes that “7-Days to Successful eCommerce” will provide both veteran ecommerce merchants and those just getting started with tools and techniques to help them get the most out of their online business.
From selecting a domain name to developing an ecommerce catalog, taking payments and effectively marketing a website, “7 Days to Successful eCommerce” will help ecommerce merchants gain new insight into what makes an ecommerce website successful, and how they can use this knowledge to be successful too. Register today at






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