SaaS Case Study

Maintenance Partner
INDUSTRY: Asset Management
BUSINESS TYPE: Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • The Challenge:

    Maintaining an accurate and timely subscription billing process for a SaaS model with complex billing scenarios.
  • The Solution:

    An automated billing solution seamlessy integrated into existing tools with minimal investment.
  • The Benefit:

    Clear financial payback through improved billing, better customer data management and increased efficiency.
Maintenance Partner screenshot Maintenance Partner screenshot Maintenance Partner screenshot

“We needed the ability to purchase our software online and for that process to seamlessly build a subscription and license for our users. This is the piece that Mountain Media was able to build for us through the integration with their Mountain Commerce platform.”

Managing Director
TMA Systems


Maintenance Partner’s TMA Asset Management Software is a web-based maintenance management solution that uses the most advanced technology to help organizations improve their asset utilization, enhance asset reliability and availability, reduce maintenance costs, extend the useful life of assets, and increase the return on investment for maintenance-worthy items.

Maintenance Partner’s challenge was that it’s software-as-a-service model required a robust subscription billing solution. In general subscription billing can be complex but with a SaaS offering, it can be even more so as customers may change their plans (add or remove products, add or delete users, update support levels, etc.) on a regular basis and often in the middle of a billing cycle making it extremely difficult to maintain billing and account accuracy.


Mountain Media implemented an integration with its popular Mountain Commerce software that allowed Maintenance Partner the ability to sell their services online, automatically build subscriptions and implement recurring billing. Through this new integration, customers can purchase TMA software online, upgrade an existing subscription, and review details about each software module. Mountain Media’s integration process sends critical data to TMA’s servers via an xml file containing the info they need to process the order and to create and maintain accurate customer licenses and billing. Subsequently, an email notification is sent to the user providing them with their purchase info and access to TMA’s implementation wizard. After completing the wizard, a customer can then log into their account and view account data and software tutorials.

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