July 2009

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Exclusive Offer for Mountain Media Merchants!

Receive $100 When You Switch to Moneris for Your Merchant Account...


Moneris Solutions has a 40-year history as one of North America's largest processors of all forms of electronic payments, including credit and debit cards, ACH, e-check and gift cards. For businesses needing to accept customer payments, Moneris can deliver processing capabilities through point-of-sale hardware, payment processing software and e-commerce solutions. Whether you need one-time or recurring payment solutions, Moneris is the single payment source for all your processing needs.


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Features and Benefits:

  • No Application fee, or Annual fees!
  • Improved Cash Flow: Electronic transaction processing can help speed up the payment process. Funds resulting from credit and debit card transactions are deposited directly into your bank account, often within 48 hours.
  • Competitive Rates
  • Accept all forms of electronic payment: Credit and Debit, DirectDebit ACH, e-checks

To get started with Moneris, Please call  1-866-423-8475, email  ussales@moneris.com, or visit  the website at www.monerisusa.com.

Offer valid through July 31, 2009.  $100 offer requires a three year agreement and activation of your Moneris Merchant Services Account by July 31, 2009.  Activation is defined as an actual, not test, credit and/or debit transaction processed and settled via your Moneris Merchant Services Account.  Transaction must be processed within 30 days of account approval.  If all eligibility requirements are met, $100 will be electronically deposited by Moneris to your business checking account within 30 days of activation.  Moneris reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time.  Account opening subject to approval and underwriting guidelines.  Moneris Solutions® is a registered trademark.


Search Marketing Space Is Going to Be Healthy for a Long Time

Recession or not, the outlook for search marketing spending -- both SEO and paid search advertising -- is solid.

Spending on SEO will increase more than 110% by 2013 to $3.85 billion, according to eMarketer. Paid search advertising spending will increase 65% to $14.72 billion.

That level of additional spending portends enormous opportunities for every category of participant in the search ecosystem.


Cutlery Mania is a division of New Jersey Grinding LLC. The company has been owned and operated by the Collini family since 1956. The company began as a knife grinding service run from a mobile grinding truck. As meat processing equipment became widely used, the company expanded into slicing machines and butcher tools from a central shop location.
Today the company provides knife sales, sharpening services, food equipment and butcher supplies, and now New Jersey Grinding has expanded to Internet sales with the Cutlery Mania division.

The newly launched cutlerymania.com website offers brand name cutlery at the lowest prices, in stock and with next day shipping. Knives, scissors, band saws and grinder blades from top names like Henkels, Forschner, Wiss and Mundial.You can even download their sharpening form and send your dull  items to them for sharpening. They will send them back to you the next day.

Cutlery Mania and New Jersey Grinding will continue to earn customers' respect by knowing their needs and providing quality products and services at a good price.
Visit their new site cutlerymania.com and experience great prices and great service on all your cutlery needs.


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