Web Hosting Pricing

Windows 2000 Shared Hosting

Establishing a professional and reliable Internet presence requires many components all working together. These components are often very expensive and a waste of resources for just one Web site. Organizations can benefit by sharing these resources, pay only a fraction of the costs, and let our technicians deal with all the hassles!

Mountain Media uses high-end Dell PowerEdge servers for our Windows 2000 Shared Hosting environments. Redundant power supplies and RAID configured hard drives combined with multiple OC-48 backbone connections assure high uptime for your Web sites and applications.

Shared Hosting Plans Small Business Business Professional Enterprise
Monthly Fee $30 $60 $100 $200
Setup Fee $50 $100 $150 $150
Disk Space (total storage) * 50 MB 100 MB 200 MB 300 MB
Bandwidth (monthly transfer) ** 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB 10 GB
Email Accounts
POP Email Accounts *** 5 10 15 25
Web Based Email
Web Based Email Administration
Applications & Databases
SSL ****  
MS Access Database Support  
MS SQL 2000 *****    
ColdFusion MX (6.1) ******  
Daily Web Site Stats *******  
Server Access
24-hour FTP Access
Data Center & Network
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Off-Site Daily Data Backup
Battery (UPS) Power Backup
Diesel Generator Power Backup
Fire Suppression System
3 OC-48 Tier I Connections to National Backbone

Additional Terms and Pricing

* Additional MB of disk space usage is billed at a rate of: Small Business $2.00/MB per month, Business $1.50/MB per month, Professional and Enterprise $1.00/MB per month.

** For customers using between 10 GB and 30 GB of data transfer per month, there is an additional bandwidth charge of $200.00/month. Customers using more than 30 GB of data transfer per month must move to a dedicated server.

*** Additional POP3 Email accounts are available for all hosting options, at a rate of $10.00 per month per block of 5. Users requiring more than 200 POP3 accounts will need to investigate our dedicated server options.

**** Standard SSL uses a shared certificate. Individual SSL certificates cost $150.00 (registration and set-up) annually.

***** SQL Server Databases on Professional - 1 @ 25 MB, Enterprise - 1 @ 50 MB. Additional SQL Database space is $2.00/5 MB. Database size on the shared MS SQL 2000 Server is limited to 200 MB. Users requiring more than 200 MB will need to investigate a dedicated server option. ODBC System DSNs - Each option is allowed 5 ODBC System DSNs per username. Additional DSNs are available in blocks of 5 for $5/month.

****** The following ColdFusion MX Tags are NOT enabled on our Shared Windows Hosting products. Use of these tags requires a dedicated NT Server:


The registration of user supplied DLLs is not available on our Shared Windows Hosting products. A dedicated server is required for any users needing this feature.

******* Daily stats are available on the Small Business option for a setup of $25 per host, with a monthly fee of $5.00 per month, per host. Stat reporting allows for archiving of logs for up to two months.

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