Could fidgeting help when sitting at work?

Add anti-fatigue mats to your workplace to encourage standing.

There have been numerous studies about the danger of sitting for long periods of time during the work week. While anti fatigue mats can be used under standing desks to make standing comfortable, it’s inevitable that you’ll want to take a seat eventually. However, with all of the health issues related to sitting for long periods of time, what could be done to combat it?

The New York Times reports that fidgeting while sitting could actually count as physical activity and combat some of the maladies associated with sitting for long periods of time. Researchers looked at a group of people who stayed seated throughout the day but still fidgeted by moving and tapping one foot every few minutes while the other foot stayed sedentary. The news provider reports that after three hours of this exercise, the fidgeting leg had more blood flow than the sedentary leg.

There are other exercises you can do while sitting to keep the blood flowing. According to Prevention, sitting at the edge of your seat and flexing your foot while lifting one at a time can help open your hips and work thighs. Additionally, the frequent lifts serve as a nice stretch of the muscles that increases blood flow.

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Falls can be more common in certain workplaces

Anti-fatigue mats can help prevent falls.

Falls in the workplace could be more common than you realize. With many professions, being on your feet and moving at a fast pace is incredibly common, but this leaves room for error when moving. There could be hazards on the floor such as spills or items that cause a person to slip, trip and fall, resulting in potential injury that leaves them out of work and an employer susceptible to paying workers compensation.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports that the workers who are most susceptible to falling in the workplace are employees in the healthcare support, maintenance, material moving and construction industries. Workers in these fields should be making safety a top priority to help reduce the number of falls on their watch.

Safety and Health Magazine recommends installing anti-fatigue mats to help combat falls at work. When people are moving at a fast pace, it can be easy for them to lose their grip while walking and slip. However, anti-fatigue provide extra traction, which can help people even if there is an uncleaned spill on the floor. Also train your employees to address a hazard as soon as they see it, and if they’re unable to clean up a spill in time, at least placing a warning sign.

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Workplace safety goal should be zero

Work to improve your workplace injury numbers.

Workplace safety should be at the forefront of every manager’s plan each year, as losing an employee to injury while on the job could not only be costly in terms of compensation, but also lost productivity.

According to Power Engineering, it should be every manager’s goal to get to zero injuries for the year by continually training employees on safety in the workplace. The news provider suggests not only leading trainings yourself, but also empowering leaders you notice on the team to help you align the culture with your safety priorities.

However, when employees are moving quickly around the warehouse it can be easy to accidentally injure oneself. Grainger reports that wet or greasy floors can cause a worker to slip and fall. It’s important clean a spill right away, but you can also make sure that the surface isn’t slippery to begin with.

Anti-fatigue mats are a great addition to the workplace floor, because they provide extra traction and are comfortable on the legs. That means if an employee is in a hurry while on the job, they have enough traction beneath them to keep them upright. Additionally, encourage your employees to wear the appropriate shoes, that can give additional traction.

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Workplaces will see benefits of anti-fatigue mats

Anti-fatigue mats help all workplaces.

Anti-fatigue mats are a great addition to any workspace. For warehouse managers, adding anti-fatigue mats to the floor of highly-trafficked areas can help prevent slips or falls while on the job. For employees who are on their feet all day in the warehouse, anti-fatigue mats can serve as an extra cushion to help relieve any joint pain that typically comes with standing.

Additionally, the restaurant business could see a lot of benefits from anti-fatigue mats. With faced-paced kitchens, it can be easy to spill something that can’t be cleaned up in time before someone falls. Anti-fatigue mats add an extra layer of traction that helps people stand their ground as they move quickly around the foodservice area.

Nurses who frequently have to work long hours, running from patient to patient may find that taking a break with anti-fatigue mats behind the nurse’s station can help relieve muscle pain that comes with being busy on your feet in the late hours. Staying hydrated can also help loosen the muscles and complete the tasks at hand.

Workplaces that are prone to spills, such as mechanic shops, which can cover their floors in oil may find that the easy-to-clean anti-fatigue mats are a great way to keep the floor looking new even when there’s an accidental spill.

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