Eastern Mountain Sports Giveaway!

Mountain Media is a full service digital agency nestled in the small town of Saratoga Springs, NY. Our team is made up of ten young professionals working hard to stay ahead of the latest trends. When we’re not designing websites, writing blogs, updating Facebook, creating and customizing apps, or shooting videos we like to spend time exploring. We love new adventures. Whether it be skiing down a mountain, camping the Adirondacks, or getting active in the community… our awesome staff is always up to something.

To kick off 2014, we wanted to thank our fans for their continued support! We are giving away a $100.00 Eastern Mountain Sports gift card. We also hope to attract new forward-thinking adventurers and build some brand awareness.

The rules are simple. To enter click this link:


It is important that you enter through the Giveaway tab or else your “like” can not be tracked.

Giveaway Tab

For a more professional looking appearance, We have decided to use a third party app called Woobox.com. Don’t be alarmed. They will not store any of your information, so it is safe to click through the “sweepstakes” pop-up you’ll see upon entering.

If you are already our friend… Thank you! You can still enter by clicking the “Giveaway” Tab and then by clicking: “Enter” at the bottom of the page. {see below}

Enter GiveawayAfter you Enter, a completion link will pop up. Should look a little something like this:

Giveaway Post EntryWeb Payment Software is a neat online payment solution our software team developed. Feel free to like their page for an additional entry!

If you have any questions regarding entering, entries, or anything about our services… please feel free to leave a comment below!

A winner will be picked January 22nd! Good Luck!



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Acts of Kindness #11 and #12: Kindness Campaign Comes to an End

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. Between the holidays and workload, the Mountain Media office has been crazy busy. However, despite the chaos, the best part has definitely been participating in our 12 Acts of Christmas Kindness campaign.

Act #11 – This past Monday, we left money at a local laundromat. Almost immediately, we received a message on Facebook from someone thanking us for the donation. While the message was completely unexpected, we brightened someone’s day, which was exactly what we were aiming for.

Monday was also a special day for Mountain Media, as we were featured in The Saratogain for our kindness campaign! Since then, we have received so much positive feedback. We cannot thank everyone enough for supporting us and participating in random acts of kindness throughout this campaign. It means so much to our team!

Act #12 – On Tuesday, we enlisted the help of our President’s four-year-old son, Harper, to deliver coffee to Santa. Every year, Santa does a lot – he lends a listening ear, delivers presents to children and embodies the Christmas spirit. This year, we wanted to do something special for him, and we felt a hot cup of Joe was the answer! He was certainly thankful, as you can see.

Now that our 12 Acts of Christmas Kindness campaign has come to end, we are more aware than ever before. Donating to the Wilton Food Pantry, Shelters of Saratoga and Franklin Community Center has opened our eyes to things happening in our own community. Volunteering at Adirondack Save-a-Stray reminded us that animals need our love too. Visiting Vilma at the Saratoga Hospital and the men and women in uniform who serve our city made us grateful to have one another. Along the way, our little tokens of kindness made us happier and kinder people.

Kindness changes lives; While this campaign may have come to an end, we will not stop participating in random acts of kindness. Whether that’s opening the door for someone or sending a thank you email, we vow to continue spreading kindness one person at time. Again, we would like to thank everyone who helped us along the way. This campaign could not have been possible without you!

Peace and happiness,

Your friendly team at Mountain Media

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Act of Kindness #9: Donate to Shelters of Saratoga

The tragic death of Nancy Pitts has sparked attention within the Saratoga community about how to deal with the homeless population during severe weather. Currently, there are no emergency shelters in Saratoga. However, there are food pantries and organizations like Shelters of Saratoga, who offer the homeless affordable living, warm food, clothing, and life counseling. And today, we had the opportunity to contribute to this great cause!

Mountain Media brought bags of blankets, winter clothes and accessories to Shelters of Saratoga. For the past week, we’ve asked friends and family to donate to our cause. I even promoted it at my spin class and two of my regulars contributed bags of stuff, which made me the happiest girl on earth.

Visiting Shelters of Saratoga was eye-opening experience for us. There are tons of homeless people out there, many of which do not wish to be helped. For this reason, Shelters of Saratoga focuses on helping individuals who not only want the help, but are willing to transform their habits and way of thinking for the better. And I have to say that I completely agree with this philosophy.

At the end of the day, I came to the conclusion that everyone can use a helping hand at one point or another. Therefore, I’m glad we could help. While it doesn’t bring Nancy back or resolve the homeless population in Saratoga Springs, it does make a difference. If we only keep one person warm this winter, I feel as though we accomplished something.

For more information on Shelters of Saratoga, please visit their Facebook page.

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