Mountain Media Set To Take on PubCon in Vegas

Las Vegas Blvd.What happens in Vegas will only end up on Facebook, right? That is 100% correct, except Mountain Media is taking on a different spin. We’ve gone through several positive transitions this past year. One of our most exciting is a trip to Las Vegas to attend PubCon. We have announced this via Twitter and Facebook earlier in August. So what is going to happen in Vegas exactly?

What is PubCon?

PubCon is a massive conference that takes place in a few major cities. Mountain Media will be attending the conference taking place in Las Vegas [insert excitement here]. It’s a conference that focuses on everything happening in new media including eCommerce, graphic design, and internet marketing. Attendees get to meet other professionals in the field, and they get to discuss or listen in on seminars to better themselves in their given fields of new media. It’s an investment that we believe will better ourselves as professionals at Mountain Media.

When Is It?

PubCon is taking place from the 15th to the 18th of October. For anyone that’s ever been to Vegas, this is the perfect time of the year. Not too cold, and not too hot for us mountaineers coming from the Northeast.

Don’t worry, Mountain Media will not be closed during these days. There will still be employees at the office if you have questions at any given point. Amanda, Dani, Jim and Mike will be at this conference getting live coverage of the events taking place, so make sure you watch it all unfold on our Facebook account.

Who’s Hosting PubCon?

PubCon is being hosted and organized by WebMasterWorld.Com. They are pioneers in the internet industry and host one of the first technology forums focusing on what the web can offer us. is benefiting all new media professionals with this conference, and we can’t wait to be a part of history.

What You Can Expect

With all of these informative sessions, we want to share the information with you that we will be learning. Mountain Media is going to be doing live coverage through blogging and social media throughout the week. So if you are not following our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ account, now is the time to start. In the end, we plan to bring new ideas to present to our clients and utilize for our business.

I hope to see you there,

Amanda M.

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